OMG!: How Children See God

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This book is a collection of answers coming from other children about God.

The questions were about who God is, what does he look like, what does he wear, where does he live or sleep, what he can or cannot do, does he have friends, and what we wish he did, and why do we need him, and what it is his job.

The answers were very interesting, and made me ask my mom a lot of questions. For example, if God is spirit, like a six year old girl says, and we have the spirit inside us that makes us move and be alive like my mom says, then God must be inside us too.
A lot of answers also come with drawings, and I liked the ones painting God like wearing a white robe and being surrounded by a rainbow.
Some answers I wonder if they were true, like the one that said that God can eat everything. He has no mouth and no stomach, so how could he digest the food?

I am still not sure whether God can do everything or not though…some answers say yes, some say no, and I have not decided who is right. Overall I enjoyed this book very much.

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Author Monica Parker
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 144 pages
Publish Date 13-Oct-2015
ISBN 9780757318641
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Issue December 2015
Category Children's


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