Olinguito, de La A a la Z!/Olinguito, from A to Z!

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This is an alphabet book, where all the letters have pictures that go along with them. This book is written in Spanish and in English. It is interesting, because the English writing for each page has several words that start with that page’s letter, but in the Spanish words, almost every word starts with that letter. Like on the page for the letter ‘C’, in English there is a crab and a cottontail, as well as a snail and a hummingbird, but in Spanish those animals are cangrejo, caracol, conejo, and colibri. It is really interesting to see the words in both languages. This book is set in the Ecuador cloud forest, so there are lots of different plants and animals that you get to see. One is the Olinguito/. At the end of this book you can read about how scientists discovered the Olinguito just a few years ago, and see some photographs of them. Most of the pictures are colorful paintings, that show you lots of the plants and animals of the cloud forest. You can also look for the zoologist in every picture, but he is hard to find!

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Author Lulu Delacre • Lulu Delacre, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Children's Book Press
Publish Date 15-Feb-2016
ISBN 9780892393275
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Issue May 2016
Category Children's


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