Ocean Speaks: How Marie Tharp Revealed the Ocean’s Biggest Secret

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This informative biography shows how Marie Tharp, a woman who persevered during a time when women were not viewed as smart enough to be a scientist, made her discoveries known and showed that she was a real scientist. Marie Tharp always loved the ocean and the mysteries it held. During the war when many men were drafted she saw an opportunity to be the scientist she had always wanted to be but there were still limitations for her just because she was a woman. Marie had to chart and plot the data in her office that her male colleagues collected out in the ocean and she made the most amazing discovery. Sadly, no one believed her because she was a woman and she was told to re-check her work. She checked her work again and again and grew to know the bottom of the ocean well. Her work was correct, now if she could just get someone to believe her work, sadly for anyone to invest in her work, a man had to present her work. Once they saw what she had found out they were astonished. This book is beautifully illustrated with bright hues of blues and yellows to capture the beauty of the ocean and the land.

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Author Jess Keating, Katie Hickey
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 34 pages
Publisher Tundra Books
Publish Date 2020-06-30
ISBN 9780735265080
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Issue October 2020
Category Children's


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