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Found in an abandoned apartment, 16 year-old Calliope “Callie” Prescott holds the only key to solving a kidnapping and potential murder. Diagnosed with Graphomania, the compulsive obsession to write, Callie’s seemingly nonsense phrases and words she is forced to write, unlock her past. With the upcoming anniversary of her father’s disappearance and the kidnapping of a young girl, the meaning behind Callie’s cryptic words starts to become clear. With the help of John Fogel, a new student in town, Callie begins to solve the mystery that has haunted her for the past year.

The combination of amnesia, potential murder and Graphomania presents an intriguing premise for a novel. With Callie’s Graphomania and amnesia, her development as a character is illustrated through a raw, detailed, first-person narrative. Because of this, the general flow of the storyline can seem disrupted and jumpy. The style of the novel also allows readers to actively engage their imaginations, solving the mystery with Callie; With the resurfacing of Callie’s memories, readers are granted access to new information and clues to solving the mystery.

Readers of the mystery genre will find this novel to be a fast-paced thriller.

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Author Sasha Dawn
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 400 pages
Publisher EgmontUSA
Publish Date 28-Apr-2015
ISBN 9781606845707
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Issue November 2015
Category Young Adult


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