Nubia: The Awakening

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Nubia: The Awakening is a fantastic book by Clarence A. Haynes and Omar Epps. It is about three young Nubians named Zuberi, Lencho, and Uzochi. Nubia, the country, is a mystery to the three teens. A huge storm destroyed the homeland of Nubia before they were born. Most of their culture, traditions, and secrets were washed away with the country. Nubians were forced to take refuge in New York, where they were forced to live in lower Manhattan, a much different place from Up High, which is protected from devastating storms and floods that threaten the livelihood of the people in lower New York. As Zuberi, Lencho, and Uzochi are settling into the reality that is their lives, they unearth one of the most sacred traits of the Nubians. With the new gifts that the three teenagers receive, what is stopping them from controlling the world? Will the three empowered Nubians rise up and take what they want? Or will they decide to help those in need and focus on others instead of themselves? Read the book yourself to find out what happens.

I loved the magic and mystery in Nubia: The Awakening, but it was not how I would’ve wanted the story to end. For people who love magic, mystery, culture, and hidden traditions, this book was meant for you! Just be sure to keep an open mind because everything is not always as it seems.

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Author Omar Epps,Clarence A Haynes
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher Random House Children's
Publish Date 08-Nov-2022
ISBN 9780593428641
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Issue November 2022
Category Young Adult