National Geographic Kids Everything Mythology

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The book is about Greek, Roman and Hindu mythology plus some other gods and goddesses as well. It shows you what each god and goddess represents, like the Earth or Hearth and Home. It shows a family tree for the Greek gods and tells you how to make homemade ambrosia. (But mortals shouldn’t eat nectar or ambrosia. They will turn your bones to sand and your blood to fire.)

This is a great book. I have read almost all of the books in the National Geographic All About Everything book series, and I think this is my favorite. I’ve already read many mythology books but I still learned many new stories and facts. I like that it included stories about Native American and Chinese mythology which are usually not part of mythology books. Warning: I think the pictures may be inappropriate for kids 7 and under. There is one picture of Cronos eating his children that is really gruesome. A few other pictures are pretty bloodcurdling as well. But most of the pictures are drawn in more cartoon-like way that isn’t scary.

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Author Field, Jon Eben
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 64 pages
Publisher National Geographic Children’s Books
Publish Date 3/11/2014
ISBN 9781426314988
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Issue May 2014
Category Children's


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