My Worst Book Ever

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I would give this book five stars because it’s so silly, and it’s just like a brainstorming, interesting, different kind of book. When you write a book, you have to have a brainstorming idea, a perfect idea, like, “Maybe I should have a cat!” Then somebody messes up your idea, and that’s the bad part. The book was kind of neat because some people were adding stuff to the writer’s book, and he was like, “I didn’t ask you do to that!” He thought it was the worst book ever. I didn’t like when people put their own things in it like different languages or handprints because maybe the author just wanted it to be English or something. Well, actually, that was kind of cool. My favorite part was when Lucy put her handprints on it and did different languages. Then they published it, and the author said, “NO! NO! NO!” Then he tried to start a new story. That was also my favorite, when he tried to make another story when the first one got messed up because it’s nice to make another book. And the cover is kind of cool because all these things are messing up the book: spilled coffee, a dinosaur, a snail, someone swinging on the book, a crocodile, and then a dog. I think girls and boys and parents would like this because sometimes they feel stressed out: “Hey! I didn’t ask you to mess this up.” Some of my drawings, I think, maybe I don’t want to do that. Maybe you have a sister or brother who messes up your painting and you’re like, “Why did you do that???” You should always try to pick the right publisher or illustrator because maybe they might try to mess up your book. Maybe they were just trying to make it more interesting, but maybe the writer doesn’t want to change the story.

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Author Allan Ahlberg • Bruce Ingman, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 64 pages
Publisher Thames & Hudson
Publish Date 2018-Apr-17
ISBN 9780500650905
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Issue May 2018
Category Children's


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