My Little Pony: Tricks and Treats (My Little Pony (8×8))

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Most ponies know that Nightmare Moon has turned back into Princess Luna, but she can still scare the ponies of Equestria! This is what happened on Nightmare Night (Equestria’s version of Halloween) in Ponyville when Luna showed up. Ponies had prepared for Nightmare Night for a long time, especially Twilight Sparkle. She chose ‘Star Swirl the Bearded’ for her costume, but no one knew what her costume was…not even Spike! The trouble began when Twilight started to hand out candy to the younger ponies who were out collecting treats. As Twilight stared outside at the younger ponies, Luna swooped down, which made the ponies scatter in fright. Pinkie Pie began freaking out, making the younger ponies even more scared. She told them that Luna was going to gobble them up! Will the ponies be safe? Read the book to find out!

This book is great for My Little Pony fans who are beginning readers, but they will probably need some help with some of the words. The story is good for little kids, but they may find some of the words hard to read. I really loved the illustrations, especially the glow-in-the-dark stickers!

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Author D. Jakobs
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 18 pages
Publisher LB Kids
Publish Date 05-Aug-2014
ISBN 9780316247955
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Issue October 2014
Category Early Reader


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