MVP: Most Valuable Puppy

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This is an amazing book about a girl who has a very playful dog. The book is about a girl and her dog, who is her best friend and can play sports. I did not think the plot was very realistic because I don’t think a dog would be smart enough to score a goal while playing soccer and recover a fumble and score a touchdown, but at the same time, it was entertaining. I was the most entertained when they were playing sports. I did not get to know the characters that well. I also did not really like the characters, and I thought the characters were boring. I did not think the story was well written because some of it didn’t have correct grammar. The moral was “don’t ever give up.” I think that was a very good moral because it will tell kids never to give up on their goals. I thought the illustrations were amazing because they were so colorful. The illustrations completely made sense to the book. For example, when they play in the park, there is a colorful illustration of a park. I think six and seven year olds should read this book because it is a very small picture book. I do not think this book would make a good series because it is not very exciting. It might be a little boring to older readers, but it is perfect for young children.

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Author Mike Greenberg • Stacy Steponate Greenberg • Bonnie Pang, Illustrator
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Aladdin
Publish Date 2018-May-08
ISBN 9781481489317
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Issue December 2018
Category Children's


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