Mr. Postmouse’s Rounds

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Mr. Postmouse’s Rounds is about a mouse who is delivering the mail to different animals at their homes. The pictures are drawn so that you can see inside of each house. Each home is different and you get an inside peek of how the animals live. Like the mole has different rooms in his burrow, one for his bed, another for food and another for tools to dig. The squirrel has a room for all his nuts. In the rabbit’s burrow, they have bunk beds with 14 beds for their many babies. Mr. Postmouse is sure to deliver all his packages.

I loved the book Mr. Postmouse’s Rounds because of the illustrations. There were so many details put into each home. I spent so much time looking at the pictures, I keep picking up the book over and over just to look at the illustrations again. I thought it was funny to see a fox delivered himself to the henhouse so he could eat the hens. His legs and tail are sticking out of the parcel. I think other kids would also love Mr. Postmouse’s Rounds.

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Author Marianne Dubuc, Marianne Dubuc, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 24 pages
Publisher Kids Can Press
Publish Date 01-Aug-2015
ISBN 9781771385725
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Issue October 2015
Category Children's


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