Mouse Scouts: Camp Out

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Mouse Scouts: Camp Out is a great book about scouts going on a camping trip. It’s a story about six mice on a camping trip. Like any group, some like camping and some do not. While camping they made cabins, tents, and teepees out of sticks, and they foraged for food and faced a terrible thunderstorm. To their surprise, when they woke up they found one of their members missing and got into trouble. It is an interesting story about their camping experience and how they got together and enjoyed it. The characters and their names are like rainbows, each one is different. Violet is a good packer and always brings the correct things, but she also brought a negative attitude with her. Tiger Lilly is not a good packer and most of the time brings stuff that she doesn’t need, but she is adventurous and has a great attitude. Hyacinth is a fancy girl; she brings satin sheets without knowing she has to make bed out of moss–not a good idea. Petunia is a little like me–she argues sometimes, she has lots of friends, and she is a great story teller. June Bug is allergic to almost everything, but she is always trying hard. Cricket is crazy about food and especially cheese–she mostly packed food.

Violet was nervous about the camping trip, and adding to that, the next day Tiger Lilly tells them about wild animals. They face many obstacles, like facing a thunderstorm, eating gross food, and they have to help Miss Poppy their leader when she gets tangled in poison ivy vines.

My favorite character is Tiger Lily because we both like adventure. The illustrations are very good, and it’s nice to see the mice in different outfits. It is suitable for third grade and above. This is a book that will make you like camping. After I read this book I wanted to join the Girl Scouts. This book will surely put a smile on your face. Happy reading.

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Author Sarah Dillard
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 144 pages
Publisher Yearling
Publish Date 2016-10-11
ISBN 9780385756082
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Issue December 2016
Category Early Reader


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