Mindy Kim and the Lunar New Year Parade (Book 2)

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This book is the second book of the series and is about Mindy Kim going to the Lunar New Year Parade.

Mindy is sad about Lunar New Year coming up because she doesn’t think it will be as much fun with just her and her dad, and without her mom. She gets her friend Sally to go with her to the festival in Orlando, Florida. They see Pikachu and run after him and then got lost.

They get scared and try to call Sally’s mom on Sally’s phone, but the phone dies. They are looking for Mindy’s dad in the crowd and are scared. They find Mindy’s dad, and he has a friend from his work with him named Julie. Mindy thinks Julie was nice. They stay for the rest of the festival to see Korean dancing. Mindy thinks it would be more fun back in California. Mindy’s dad says they can go home and have their own festival. Then they go home and have their own festival and play games they would play in Korea. They have a fun time.

I like this book because the Korean cookies and soup seem yummy. It was fun to read and good to learn about Korea and their culture.

“‘Hmm, I’m not quite sure how Pokémon is related to Lunar New Year’ Mindy’s dad said.”

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Author Lyla Lee, illustrated by Dung Ho
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 96 pages
Publisher Aladdin
Publish Date 2020-01-14
ISBN 9781534440111
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Issue April 2020
Category Children's


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