Major Impossible (Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales #9)

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Overall, I think that Nathan Hale: Major Impossible is a good book. It is about a person named Major John Wesley Powell and his love for adventure. He decides to go on an expedition to the great unknown to find new places and claim the land. He gathers a group of people, boats, and supplies and sets out. On the journey, food is scarce, the terrain is rough, and the rushing waters can rip a boat into splinters. There is a lot of rain, making the expedition harder. The rapids get harsher as they go on. The weather is getting as hot as one hundred degrees Fahrenheit, and the walls of the canyon get even steeper and more vertical, making it harder to climb to get a good view of where they are going next. Some of the travelers are brought into a camp to wait until the South wins the Civil War, which is going on at the time. I loved the book personally, and I would recommend it to my friends, and everybody. I think it is a great, highly educational book that everybody could love.

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Author Nathan Hale
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 128 pages
Publisher Amulet Books
Publish Date 2019-12-03
ISBN 9781419737084
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Issue April 2020
Category Sequential Art


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