Love Is Real

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That fox likes to fly a kite; he’s going to make it so it will fly high up into the air. The papa bear is counting and the mama bear is sleeping and the baby bear is hiding. They like to play together. The baby bear is trying to find a place to hide. Everyone is going to go for a picnic – foxes, bears, rabbits, picnic kites, everything. They play ball and fly a kite and do a tea party and he’s a clown, standing food and balls on top of his nose! He’s like a clown. The bunny is trying to stand up on his chair, and then they dance! Like a horse and like princesses and like boys because they cartwheel. The baby bear scraped his knee but he’s getting better because his mother bear says, “It’s okay,” and has a band-aid box. They all play together and help each other. Then the mama puts the baby bear in a bath because the baby is covered in paint. The mother bunny is making a shirt for her little baby and they cuddle up on the bed. The papa reads a book and the babies get put in bed. It is all about love and how they show love to each other. I like these animals they are so cute. They are friendly and are so nice. They love each other.

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Author Janet Lawler, Anna Brown, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher HarperCollins
Publish Date 12/23/2013
ISBN 9780062241702
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Issue March 2014
Category Children's


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