Lonely Planet Let’s Explore… Desert

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A couple explorers go to deserts in Egypt, South America, Africa, and other places. I don’t like this book. I like the stickers, and I like the activities, but the book’s story is really annoying. The book is almost only a sticker book; I learned nothing about deserts from this book. If children don’t know anything at all about deserts, maybe they would learn something; but there is stuff that isn’t even about deserts, like dressing up the explorers. And most of the activities don’t have anything to do with deserts. There is one place that is the Nile, but the Nile River isn’t a desert – and the page has nothing about the desert that is around the Nile. There is another page that is a puzzle leading to an oasis. You learn nothing. I guess in one place, you learn there are markets in Egypt, and there is another place that talks about coastlines. But there is almost nothing new about deserts in this book. If you want an activity book, this one is okay; you can find the difference, and color, and other activities. But you won’t actually learn about deserts from this book.

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Author Lonely Planet Kids
Star Count 3/5
Format Trade
Page Count 60 pages
Publisher Lonely Planet
Publish Date 2017-Feb-21
ISBN 9781786573148
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Issue June 2017
Category Children's


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