Lexicon Chase: Scrolls of the Harlequin (Book One)

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Lexicon Chase: Scrolls of the Harlequin is a great book. It’s about a 15-year-old girl named Lexicon Chase. She is often bullied at school. Lexi always rides the school bus with her friend, Thug. After school, she always goes to her grandmother’s house until her mom comes home. One day, her grandmother showed Lexi a magic rose that could take her to a magical world called Everhope. She explained about a magical kingdom. She also told Lexi that she used to be queen of Everhope! Lexi’s grandmother told Lexi that SHE is the new ruler of Everhope for she can no longer be queen. Of course, Lexi didn’t believe a word her grandmother was saying, that is, until she held the rose. Soon enough, she found herself in Everhope.

The first person — or rather — creature that she met, was a Fae. Faes have the body of a butterfly and the face of a human child (which is very creepy, in my opinion). The Fae alerted everyone of Lexi’s arrival in Everhope. Soon enough, she was crowned princess of Everhope. Lexi met lots of people, like Maybell, Chef Cornelius, and Chief Byron. Maybell gave Lexi the grand tour of the castle. Lexi learned that there are lots of words and phrases that Everhopians don’t know like tacos and pizza. There are also lots of things that Everhopians use that Lexi doesn’t know.

Lexi found out the hard way that if she fell asleep in Everhope, she would be transported back home. Since she found that out, she went back and forth all the time. Lexi did lots of crazy things. She even became a soldier!

When Lexi went back home one time, her grandmother was not feeling well. Lexi begged and pleaded for her grandmother to tell her what was wrong. Her grandmother explained about a curse from Everhope that was killing her. Lexi wanted to learn more about the curse, so she decided to find the lost library to find out more. She, and a few others, faced a lot of danger. Meanwhile, Lexi developed a strong friendship with a girl named Milk. Lexi eventually found the library in an unexpected place and went back to the castle. At the end, Lexi decides to do something special for Milk.

/ /Lexicon Chase: Scrolls of the Harlequin is a great book for kids who like fantasy, magical places and adventures. It is very weird and funny . Some parts of this book are just unexplainable! I really like this book because it is magical. My favorite part of the book is when Maybell says “By the god’s blighted butts (which I put as a quote)!” If you are reading this right now, buy this book! You will never regret it! I give this book 5 stars.

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Author Jonathan Fore
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 333 pages
Publisher Obscura Publishing
Publish Date 05-Oct-2015
Amazon Buy this Book
Issue November 2015
Category Young Adult


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