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This book is about Sadie. Sadie is feeling funny because she is having a sharp ROAR! Then she turns into a leopard! Then she scrambled out of bed and her mom was upset because she didn’t know how she could take care of a baby leopard. So she took the leopard baby to the doctor’s office, but the doctor said she had to take her out immediately. So then she went to the animal doctor, but he wanted Sadie to stay a leopard, but mama didn’t want a leopard instead of her little girl. The last place they went was to the zoo, but mama didn’t want Sadie in a cage. So they went home and mama took care of Sadie by giving her some soup and turning on the TV until she turned back into a little girl. I like this story because it’s so silly and it’s so cute that Sadie turned into a cute little leopard. I liked the pictures, especially where Sadie was always a leopard up on the light or when the mother said the leopard should stay with her family! I like to play in this book like I am the little leopard.

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Author Orna Landau, with illustrations by Omer Hoffmann
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Clarion Books
Publish Date 03-Feb-2015
ISBN 9780544290013
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Issue February 2015
Category Children's


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