Lately Lily

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This is about lately Lily, who likes to travel all over the world. She travels on an airplane, and not on an airplane. She travels by balloon, by car, by boat, by train, by camel! All sorts of things. She travels with her zebra. I like zebras! She goes to China and England, and she sees a puppet show and goes to the seashore. She sees different things and wants to do lots of things. She meets lots of friends and they like playing together. She writes down the things that she does. She likes to go on the plane and then go home too. This book is like Chloe from Chloe, Instead. I like the pictures in this book. The girls all have huge eyes. My favorite picture is on the front of the book, where Lily is looking out the window at a tower. She is sitting on an airplane with her zebra. I also like the one where they go in the Arctic, and Lily is catching a fish. I would like to go with traveling Lily.

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Author Micah Player
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Chronicle Books
Publish Date 3/25/2014
ISBN 9781452115252
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Issue June 2014
Category Children's


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