Kingfisher Readers L3: Firefighters (Kingfisher Readers – Level 3 (Hardback))

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This is a nonfiction book about firefighters. It is a level three. In this book you can learn about what firefighters do, what clothes they wear, and how they are trained to fight fires. Some other topics are; smoke, putting out flames, wildfires, firefighters in the past and fire safety. I really like learning about firefighters. I already knew a lot of this information but I liked reading this book and looking at the pictures. I liked the picture of the fireman learning to run through flames! Firefighters have other special jobs like rescuing people if they are trapped in their car or if there is a flood or other emergency. My favorite part of the book was learning more about the fire in London in 1666. I liked this part because I use to live in London! I think this is a great book for kids to read if they want to learn more about firefighters or anything about fires.

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Author Chris Oxlade, Thea Feldman
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Kingfisher
Publish Date 2/11/2014
ISBN 9780753471227
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Issue May 2014
Category Early Reader


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