Juana & Lucas: Muchos Changes (Juana and Lucas)

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Juana & Lucas: Muchos Changes by Juana Medina is about Juana and her perro, Lucas. Juana is excited about school break and looking forward to reading and playing with her best friend and best perro (dog), Lucas. But then she learned about her Mami’s sorpresa. Her Mami is going to have a baby with her new husband, Luis. Juana was not happy about that surprise. She then finds out her Mami had another sorpresa! Her Mami has signed her up for a roller-skating summer camp. Juana doesn’t want to go to the roller-skating camp because none of her friends will be going, and she doesn’t know how to roller skate!

Juana goes to the camp and makes new amigos. She tells them about her Mami being pregnant, and her friends told her a lot about babies… like they cry too much, can’t walk, and can’t play. Juana is worried that the baby is going to make things hard. But when her baby sister is born, she realizes that she may like being a big sister after all.

I really liked reading this book. There were many Spanish words that I learned. My favorite part of the book was how Juana eventually liked roller skating and could do tricks! I really liked the photos and diagrams because they helped me understand the story. I would recommend this book to anyone whose mommy will be having a baby and to kids who are between five and nine years old.

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Author Juana Medina
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 96 pages
Publisher Candlewick
Publish Date 07-Dec-2021
ISBN 9780763672096
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Issue March 2022
Category Children's