Journey to Jumbalot

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Journey to Jumbalot, written by Ryan Wakefield, follows the tale of a young house cat: Alby. Alby was saved from the streets by his kind friend, Professor Wizoom. When Wizoom creates a strange, multi-colored, triangular door and disappears the next day, Alby must gather his courage to enter the doorway. As he walks through, he hears a voice talking to him and telling him “you can save them all”. When Alby walks out on the other side of the doorway, he finds himself in a magical world with grass that glimmers and strange creatures with even stranger names like froguars, vipanthers and pandowls. These exotic creatures are hybrids of the animals in the natural world. While he makes his way through the magical world in search of the Professor, Alby makes many friends like Fremmy, a froguar, and Troonix, a Tricerafox. Alby finds himself in the midst of a war to protect Jumbalot from Rozer, a wolveraptor-rex who is set on getting revenge on Queen Lola, the kind and fair ruler of Jumbalot. Alby must stay strong and use his imagination and wits during his journey through Jumbalot.

On Alby’s journey he faces many foes to save his dear friend Professor Wizoom. He also makes a lot of new friends who prove to be loyal and good as they stick with him through thick and thin. Alby learns that with his friends by his side, there’s nothing he can’t do. He learns how to use his imagination and discovers that he is stronger than he thinks he is. Alby helps the people fight the war of Jumbalot and retrieve and return their most precious relic to its rightful place. With the lessons learned and the assistance of the brave people of this strange land, Alby helps defend the beautiful land of Jumbalot and saves Professor Wizoom. He never gives up hope even though he doubts himself sometimes. Alby realizes that nothing is impossible. Buy the book to uncover the secrets of Jumbalot with Alby and his friends.

I would recommend this story to all genders who love fantasy and who are nine years or older. This story is filled with adventure, bravery, and strength. It was made to entertain and it truly made me want to jump into the book and explore this fascinating fantasy land. Journey to Jumbalot is an exciting book that you will be sure to never forget. It definitely is a great addition to any library as it is one of those books that you will want to read over and over again. Grab a copy of this fantasy adventure and buckle in for the Journey to Jumbalot!

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Author Ryan Wakefield
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 204 pages
Publish Date
ISBN 9798553853532
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Issue February 2021
Category Tweens