Ivan: The Remarkable True Story of the Shopping Mall Gorilla

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This is a true story of a gorilla that lived in a shopping mall. This story starts of in the jungle with Ivan as a baby with his family. They are a happy gorilla family until something terrible happens. For almost thirty years, he lives alone. Then people realize that isn’t the life for a gorilla. Ivan is then sent to a zoo to live in a jungle type habitat with other gorillas. He lived happily ever after.

I was sad when I first read this. I didn’t like that people were mean to Ivan. Then after reading it more, I was happy that people tried to help Ivan and took good care of him at the zoo. They started to help him more when they realized that Ivan needed more space and gorilla friends. My favorite part of the story was the end. They had photos of the real Ivan and more details about his life. His main caretaker at the zoo wrote a page about her time with him too. There is even a picture of Ivan’s painting!

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Author Applegate, Katherine
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Clarion Books
Publish Date 07-Oct-2014
ISBN 9780544252301
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Issue December 2014
Category Children's


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