In a Cloud of Dust

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In a Cloud of Dust is about a little girl named Anna who lives in Tanzania. It takes a long time for Anna to get to school. One day a truck pulls up with a bunch of bicycles for the children. It is called a bicycle library. By the time Anna gets there all the bikes are gone. Anna helps her friends learn to balance, avoid obstacles and ride. Anna gets to ride with her friends. When she rides with a friend home, he gives her the bike to ride to her house because she lives further than him. Anna tells him, she will pick him up tomorrow and she rides home in a cloud of dust.

I kinda liked In a Cloud of Dust but it was not my favorite. I thought it was a little too short and not enough story. The pictures were nice, but very plain colors and not much detail. I wish this book would have told us more about what a bicycle library is and how they get the bikes.

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Author Alma Fullerton, Brian Deines
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count
Publisher Pajama Press
Publish Date 01-Sep-2015
ISBN 9781927485620
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Issue September 2015
Category Children's


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