How to Outfox Your Friends When You Don’t Have a Clue (My Life Is a Zoo)

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Hi! My name is Farrah and I read the book How To Outfox Your Friends When You Don’t Have A Clue. It is a good book. It is about a girl named Ana Wright. Her best friend, Liv, moved to New Zealand but Ana soon became best-ish friends with her former enemy, Ashley. They bonded over something you can find in How To Outswim A Shark Without A Snorkel, but let’s get back to the main topic. Ana is going to turn 13 in a few days and her best friend, Liv, who I just mentioned, came back from New Zealand for a few weeks. Ana is really happy, but Liv is a completely different person! She has purple hair, loves boys, and has a new best friend named Leilani. Ana has to do a report on things that influenced her. She decided to do a documentary on things that influenced her and she had her grandpa’s girlfriend, Sugar (who is in her twenties surprisingly) help her film it. Everything is going good except for Liv. Lots of changes are going on. Liv even made fun of Ana with Leilani while she was doing a video chat in front of her face! However, some things are getting better. A fox got hit by a car in the middle of the night and she got to watch them operate on the fox! Ana liked it so much, that her mom let her volunteer! Ana decided to have her birthday party at the zoo. She invited Liv an hour late so she won’t see Ashley. When Liv gets there, Ashley is still there and then there is a lot of drama between the two of them about lies and friendship but then Liv runs away but when Ana goes after her, she falls and breaks her wrist. When it is time to release the fox that was hit by a car, the fox tries to attack them but soon she is back in the wild where she belongs. Ana doesn’t want to put Liv in her documentary but then she relates Liv to the fox. They both lash out because they are scared. Liv is just scared about their friendship. Then, she decides to do a slideshow of her and Liv when they were younger instead of a video. Then, she invites Liv to the presentation. When it’s time to do the presentation, Liv still isn’t there. Ana is getting worried. That’s when Liv’s mom comes in looking for Liv. Ana knows where she probably is so she comes with Liv’s mom and finds Liv. Ana talks to Liv and they soon make up and decide to be real friends instead of best friends. When Ana comes back, she misses her presentation and runs crying into what she thinks is the girls’ bathroom. Soon, Brandon, her kinda- sorta boyfriend comes in and makes her feel better and then Ana has her first kiss. Ana thinks that Brandon came into the girls’ bathroom but he shows her that it was the boys’ bathroom. Ana had her first kiss in the boys’ bathroom. I think that this is a good book for ages 9-12.

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Author Jess Keating
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Publish Date 02-Oct-2015
ISBN 9781492617945
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Issue December 2015
Category Tweens


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