How to Knit a Monster

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This picture book is about a goat named Greta, who likes knitting and is really good at it. When she doesn’t watch her knitting, she makes dangerous things like predators or monsters! Mean Mrs. Sheep says that Greta is not a good knitter, then Greta gets upset and ends up knitting a wolf that eats Mrs. Sheep. After that, Greta knits a tiger to eat the wolf, but the tiger wants to eat her, too! Finally, Greta knits a monster, but after it swallows the tiger—riffle-raffle—she remembers to unravel the monster, the tiger, and the wolf. Inside the yarn is Mrs. Sheep, who now agrees that Greta is very good at knitting! Mean Mrs. Sheep hurts Greta’s feelings and makes her sad so that, instead of knitting a little goat, Greta knits a dangerous wolf.

The moral of the story is to pay attention to your knitting! Not everybody will like what you do, but you have to stay focused on what is important to you. I like the way the author draws knitted monsters, and I think everybody will like this story: Greta is smart and brave.

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Author Annemarie van Haeringen
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Clarion Books
Publish Date 2018-Aug-07
ISBN 9781328842107
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Issue September 2018
Category Children's


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