How to Be a Pirate

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There’s a pirate who is telling you how to be a pirate. But, the person who is telling you how to be a pirate doesn’t tell you anything about how to be a pirate! But it tells you what a pirate is like. Like, a pirate is someone who throws away all the rules and battles on the seas, and battles with other pirates. That’s the only battle that it showed in the book. And it is cartoon pictures that are funny. Pirates are people who don’t take baths and they don’t follow the rules. They don’t use toothpaste; they do nothing like I would do. They do everything that I wouldn’t do! It shows a child pirate swinging from a rope. First, the captain of the pirates asks the children to come aboard his ship. Then the children come up and the captain tells them to be like him. He talks about his ship, and how to dress and talk like a pirate, and everything like a pirate. But he only talks about how pirates live. I wouldn’t really like to be a pirate, but I did like the book, but I wish it had given me things to be a real pirate!

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Author Sue Fliess, Nikki Dyson, illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 24 pages
Publisher Little Golden Books
Publish Date 1/7/2014
ISBN 9780449813096
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Issue March 2014
Category Children's


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