How Do Lions Say I Love You?

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This book is about how different animals say “I love you” to each other. Lions hug. Elephants hug with their trunks. Giraffes hug with their necks. Horses give each other some air like this “Haaaaaah” from their nostrils. Swans make a heart with their necks. Nightingales sing “Um um errrrr.” Wolves howl. Bears kiss. Cows lick their calves. Mourning doves sing a song “Coo coo coo coo.” Hens say “Cluck cluck cluck.” Boy peacocks say I love you like this: showing beautiful, colorful feathers. (“So, now are you going to marry me?”)

I can read this book by myself. I needed help with the word “flair.” The book rhymes. There are a few words on each page. Every picture in the book is my favorite. This is a good book for small kids and big kids like me. I remember the horse the best, of course, because it’s so funny. I give it five out of five stars!! I like books about love.

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Author Diane Muldrow, David Walker, illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 24 pages
Publisher Little Golden Books
Publish Date 24-Dec-2013
ISBN 9780449812563
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Issue February 2014
Category Children's


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