Horse Raid: The Making of a Warrior

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This book is about Indians. I have a friend who is going to be an Indian in a play one day soon. Reading this book made me think about my friend. Another name for Indian is Native American. Lone Bull is a boy character in this book. He is fourteen years old. That means he is a teenager! “I did not want to play games any longer with the other boys, and I was tired of looking after the horses. I liked best to listen to stories the warriors told of battles with our enemies; I was impatient to do what they had done.” In this story, Lone Bull goes on a horse raid. There is danger in this book. The illustrations in this book were surprising to me because it looks like there is a lot of movement in the pictures. My favorite part is the illustrations because they are dark. There is something I don’t like about this book. Some parts of the story were scary to me. I think this is a book for older kids.

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Author Paul Goble, Joseph Bruchac, Foreword
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 44 pages
Publisher Wisdom Tales
Publish Date 28-May-2014
ISBN 9781937786250
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Issue October 2014
Category Early Reader


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