Home Volume 1

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The style of this book is like a bunch of comic strips put together. There are also some sections like Meet the Home Crew. One of the main characters is a creature called a Boov whose name is Oh. He is a cute character, like when they are playing hide and seek and he says, “Part of me almost wants friend Tip to find me, just so she will know what an amazing hider I am!” There is also a human girl named Tip. There are five different stories collected in this one book, like Hide and Seek and Oh, The Boov Guide to Humans, and Pig in Space.

One thing that is very funny is the character named Pig is actually a cat! (This makes me want to write a story of my own where a pig is named Cat.) There are some strange letters in the Boov Guide to Humans that I think are alien writing. I like how the pages show the characters and word balloons with the dialogue. It is also funny when there is a note that shows the same words (“You have to leave, now”) translated into Martian, English, Bibliexian, and Cow. Kids who enjoyed the movie Home will definitely want to read this fun book.

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Author Max Davison
Star Count 4/5
Format Paperback
Page Count 64 pages
Publisher Titan Comics
Publish Date 13-Oct-2015
ISBN 9781782762287
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Issue January 2016
Category Early Reader


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