Hear the Wolves

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I think that Hear the Wolves is a good book. It is about a tween girl named Sloan who is a hunter in Alaska. After her mother left the family, she ran away into the woods during a blizzard. She was found lying in the snow five days later. Lying with her ear pressed to the snow left her deaf in that ear. After all of that, she was no longer the fierce hunter she was before. She was so lost that she needed to always be with her sister or father. She had extreme anxiety and became really codependent. Since her father knew about this problem, he decided to leave Sloan behind on a trip, since Sloan already didn’t want to go. He said he and Sloan’s sister would be back the next day. Sloan had to spend the day alone, so of course her anxiety started to show a lot. Her father did, however, leave his gun for her (just in case). Sloan decides to go to the chapel, but after that, things get interesting! Between death, killing animals, wolves, and drama, this book really hooks the reader. A lot of dramatic, interesting things happen. This book also has a really deep plot and had very emotional moments. It makes you want to keep reading it. Everything about this book was amazing! The story and the message were very deep. There was also a little bit of action throughout the book, which I liked. Hear the Wolves did have shooting, guns, blood, and death, so it is not for younger children, but it was still great. Overall, it was a pretty cool book, and I recommend it for ages ten to sixteen.

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Author Victoria Scott
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 240 pages
Publisher Scholastic Press
Publish Date 2017-Mar-28
ISBN 9781338043587
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Issue April 2017
Category Young Adult


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