Harvey the Hippo: A Tale of Good Food Choices

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My mom has been telling me a story like Harvey the Hippo for a long time. She hasn’t been telling me the same story, but mostly telling me to watch what I eat. In Harvey the Hippo, Harvey is a hippopotamus who lives in a zoo with his family. Harvey loves getting fed by the zookeepers because he loves to eat and thinks that hippos are supposed to be huge. One day, Harvey eats too much and starts floating away! Harvey floats across the whole world and can’t enjoy anything he sees because he is too big to come back down. If Harvey can come down, he will have to learn how to keep himself from floating away again.

There was a lot that happened in this story. I can understand how Harvey likes all of the sweets; there aren’t many that I don’t like! I can understand how Harvey felt scared when he started floating away because I would too! I like reading about all of the things that Harvey saw on his trip; there were lots. In the end, I like that Harvey changed how he ate to keep himself healthier; I will work on that too!

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Author Abby Pete
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Loving Healing Press
Publish Date 01-May-2021
ISBN 9781615995653
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Issue August 2021
Category Children's