Half-Truths and Brazen Lies: An Honest Look at Lying

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Most people think lying is bad, don’t they? After reading this book, I’m not so sure. Take an April Fool’s Day joke: it is a lie, but not a bad one. It’s considered a hoax. It may seem simple when you consider the concept of lying, but in reality, it’s more complicated. Some people say a lie has to be verbal or written on paper. However, nodding “yes” when you’re thinking “no” is a lie, and words aren’t involved. There are also partial truths, which include lies of omission, cheating, stealing, exaggeration, and forgery. This isn’t all of them! Lying can be good, but a world where everyone lies would be bad. No one would trust anyone. It’s been that way since the Stone Age, for lying is an instinct. Not everyone thinks lying is bad, though. In fact, different countries view lying in different ways. Read the book to find out about why we lie and more.

I would recommend this book to kids that are ages nine to twelve who like human sciences. I enjoyed this book because it made me feel better about myself, knowing that everyone lies. The true stories and studies were interesting, too.

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Author Kira Vermond • Clayton Hanmer, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 48 pages
Publisher Owlkids Books
Publish Date 12-Apr-2016
ISBN 9781771471466
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Issue June 2016
Category Early Reader


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