Great Showdowns: The Revenge

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This is a book that, via pictures, illustrates a conflict between two characters, or two groups of characters. Sometimes, you might wonder, “What is the main conflict in a certain novel, television show, or movie that I have never seen?” Thank heavens that this book exists! Now, with Great Showdowns: The Revenge, you…will probably still have no clue what the main conflict is, because this book not only neglects to tell you the name of the work, but also misrepresents the main conflict. The art style is bland and the characters’ poses are unimaginative; truly, the only thing of which this book is composed is a nearly endless parade of people mutely staring at each other. If I wanted to see people mutely staring at each other, I would go to a high school dance during a slow song. At least there, I would have a small chance to see a posture that was not completely rigid. Give me a plot! Some imaginative re-enactments of pop culture conflicts! Engaging illustrations! Anything! But no; Great Showdowns: The Revenge denies my yearnings at every turn. If you have any love of any sort of artistic merit, avoid this book.

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Author Scott Campbell
Star Count 1/5
Format Hard
Page Count 144 pages
Publisher Titan Books
Publish Date 06-Oct-2015
ISBN 9781783296972
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Issue October 2015
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