Geraldine and the Anti-Bullying Shield

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Geraldine and the Anti-Bullying Shield is the third book about Geraldine and her inventions. In this story, Geraldine is mad and wants to help her friends. There is a bully at her school named Jimmy who is making her friends sad. Geraldine wants to help her friends and make Jimmy see the mean things he is doing at school. Jimmy teases her, too, but Geraldine goes home and comes up with an idea. She finds things to use in her garage and with help from her dad and her friends, they create an Anti-Bullying Shield and take it to school. They use it on Jimmy and then there is a happy ending for everyone.

Geraldine and the Anti-Bullying Shield is like her last story of the Space Bees that has her dealing with a problem and then coming up with an invention that will solve the problem. I like that Geraldine solved a problem on her own and with help from others. I like the story because it is easy to understand and it is helpful for kids to read who might be dealing with bullies or know of someone who is.

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Author Sol Regwan
Star Count 5/5
Format Hardcover Picture Book
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Schiffer Books
Publish Date 28-Feb-2021
ISBN 9780764361135
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Issue June 2021
Category Children's