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Maxine Zelaster is a girl at a school filled with robots. (The story takes place in the future.) Fuzzy is the first robot student. He is an independent thinker because he uses fuzzy logic. Max is supposed to help Fuzzy out. He keeps freezing up. Max is scoring really badly on the Upgrade tests. She also gets a lot of discipline tags from Vice Principal Barbara. She is a robot that controls the whole school. Her arms can spring out of the wall and apprehend students breaking the rules. The government owns Fuzzy. There’s a group of people who want to capture Fuzzy. Will Max and Fuzzy stay together? Will Max’s test scores get better? Will the bad guys capture Fuzzy? Read the book to find out.

This book was funny. There were lots of funny parts. The book was also exciting. I liked the characters. I wouldn’t like to go to a school like that. They just study and take tests.

I didn’t like this book as much as the Origami Yoda books. I didn’t like the end because they didn’t explain enough. Fuzzy was in a big battle, then the book goes to “Two Weeks Later….” I still have lots of questions, but this book isn’t a cliffhanger. I’d still like my questions answered.

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Author Tom Angleberger, Paul Dellinger
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 272 pages
Publisher Amulet Books
Publish Date 2016-08-16
ISBN 9781419721229
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Issue October 2016
Category Tweens


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