Frozen 5-Minute Frozen Stories (5-Minute Stories)

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This book has twelve different Frozen stories. The first one is a lot like the movie. The rest of the stories are new. There is only one story when Anna and Elsa are little and another one when Anna and Kristoff babysit troll babies. There’s even a story about Olaf playing outside when it’s summertime. Most of the stories have Anna and Elsa in them when they’re older, and doing things like having a sleepover, playing in the snow, and making new friends. There’s one story called Across the Sea, where they meet people from different places.

Most of the stories have Anna and Elsa going together on different adventures. But sometimes Olaf and Kristoff go on adventures with them, too. I like all the pictures. A lot of them are very funny and silly. All of the pictures go real well with the stories. I have many favorite pictures. I like when the snow monster hugs Olaf in “The Frozen Monster” and when the troll tots lick the smashed berries off Anna’s face in “Babysitting the Troll Tots.” The stories are short and are great for bedtime. If you really like Frozen, then you’ll love this book.

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Author Disney Book Group, Disney Storybook Art Team, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 192 pages
Publisher Disney Press
Publish Date 04-Aug-2015
ISBN 9781484723302
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Issue October 2015
Category Children's


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