From the Top of the Mountain

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This was a wonderful book even though some parts made me sad. This book is about a boulder and a tree. The boulder thinks it’s the most important thing in the land and it isn’t very polite to the other things that live there. One day a seed plants itself next to the boulder. The boulder is annoyed with the tree. Later, the tree grows up and protects the boulder from eroding. The boulder never thanks the tree. One day people come to cut down the tree. This is sad, but the boulder learns that he should have been nice to the tree. he boulder cries which starts to erode it away. Read this book to find out if the boulder will finally ask for help and be nice to others.

I thought this was a great book because it teaches the reader to be thankful for the things around them now before it’s too late and they can’t be thankful because the thing is gone. I liked that the author used things other than people to show this and it was neat to read from the view of a boulder.

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Author C Robert Logue, Michael Logue
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 48 pages
Publisher Eifrig Publishing
Publish Date 8/31/2013
ISBN 9781936172740
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Issue April 2014
Category Children's


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