Free Prices Now!: Fixing the Economy by Abolishing the Fed

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The Federal Reserve was established in 1913, and ever since that day the US economy has steadily and drastically declined. The reason for this drastic decline is that the Federal Reserve uses the outdated and inherently flawed model of Keynesian economics, which advocates spending, frowns upon saving, and states that borrowing is the most efficient way to stimulate the economy. The Federal Reserve has crushed our economy like a withered apple; it has brought us eighty-seven TRILLION dollars of debt, which we have no hope to repay. It has destroyed any incentive that people have to save, and has instead convinced everyone to recklessly spend with abandon. Hunter Lewis sheds light on all these facts in clear and simple terms, with eloquent, straightforward examples. He presents and explains all these issues as well as offering ways to correct them. The most effective solution, of course would be to abolish the Federal Reserve, but there are many other issues at play. An excellent, though infuriating book, Free Prices Now will enlighten you and make your blood boil about the travesty that is the Federal Reserve.

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Author Hunter Lewis
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 150 pages
Publisher AC2 Books
Publish Date 9/6/2013
ISBN 9780988726703
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Issue January 2014
Category Business & Investing


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