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Frank is a bear. There is nothing special about him, except that he is always late because he is trying to be nice and help. The first day he went to school, he didn’t arrive until everyone had already left! He was helping a cat get down a tree, but the tree ran away – instead of the cat ran away! One time he was dancing to see who was best at dancing, and Frank won. Another day, he arrives just after snack time and everyone’s smelling a lot of stinks. And then he sees a troll bothering a family of bunnies. The next time, he was going to tell why he was late, but then the lights of the school went off! And by the window a giant roar of flames! And Frank went out to investigate, but this wasn’t any joke! This was a real giant zombie lizard king! So everyone wanted to go, but Frank said, “Let’s have a dance-off!” So they had a dance off. Then Frank wasn’t ever late anymore.

I liked the pictures and the story, but I only give it three stars because I don’t believe it.

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Author Connah Brecon
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Running Press Kids
Publish Date 30-Sep-2014
ISBN 9780762454235
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Issue October 2014
Category Children's


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