Feathers for Peacock

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All the birds had no feathers and they were very cold. Peacock crawled underground into a cave, and so did all the other birds, and they waited for spring to come out. In springtime the full moon told them that at dawn, they should rub themselves against a plant of their choice and then they would have feathers. They all did this, except for Peacock, who was still asleep. When the other birds saw Peacock, they said he was too late, so they all gave a feather to him and each feather stuck on to him in a big warm coat, but it wasn’t a beautiful one. Then moonlight swirled around Peacock and gave Peacock a nice beautiful organized coat. And today Peacock still shows off his tail of beautiful feathers so everyone knows how beautiful kindness is.

This is a fun explanation story that tells why the peacock’s feathers are like they are. I like this book. It is fun and I think a lot of people would like it. It has beautiful pictures and the birds are really kind. The birds look funny without their feathers; my favorite picture is where Peacock “hugged a bush.”

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Author Jacqueline Jules • Helen Cann, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 28 pages
Publisher Wisdom Tales
Publish Date 07-Apr-2016
ISBN 9781937786533
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Issue June 2016
Category Children's


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