Fairy Tales for Clever Kids

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This app is about many fairy tales. I read the one called The Ugly Duckling. In this app, there was a duckling who was little and ugly. On each screen of the story, there is a task to complete. I did each task in order to be able to move to the next screen. Some of the tasks are: choosing the color of the swans, finding what food is good for ducklings, and finding out what grows on a tree. There are a lot of words. The pictures move when I touch them. I like reading books on the iPad. I think it would be better if this story showed more about winter. “The winter grew so bitterly cold that the duckling had to swim to and fro in the water to keep it from freezing over.” My favorite part was when the ugly duckling turned into a swan and saw his own reflection. “He beheld his own reflection. But he was no longer an ugly, dirty, gray duckling. He was a swan himself!” Kids who like ducklings will like this app book.

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Author Stanislav Ustymenko
Star Count 4.5/5
Format iPad App
Page Count
Publisher Teamich Inc.
Publish Date 12/19/2013
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Issue April 2014
Category Children's


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