Evil Speaks

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I recommend this book. This work of fiction is best suited for a younger audience, ranging from about ten and up. Evil Speaks has a fast-paced plot that that surprises you with both humor and action. The story follows the main character, Benny, a fifteen-year-old boy who teams up with other kids who fight underworld type of beings. They are specially trained to fight them, but they do not have special powers. One of their parents is a mythological god and the other is human. This is their destiny; they are protecting mankind.

“Benny couldn’t remember the exact moment when he started numbering his many panicked moves from city to city or state to state, same as the proverbial cat had numbered his nine lives.”

The author, S. Woffington, has created this “quirky group of teens” who are not only special people but real people. There are normal conflicts among them, including quarrels and sometimes it even gets physical. When it comes down to a battle against the underworld beings, they push that all aside and work together. It wasn’t always a true team effort, and the story carries you through their learning to improve collaboration. Unlike some authors who focus more on the science fiction aspect, Woffington includes enough realistic elements to make it not only believable but relatable.

The diction Woffington uses is what makes the characters. My favorite character is Mike, the FBI detective. He is a supporting character but crucial to the book because he connects the story together. Some of the things that he says are like what my dad says. He’s funny and believable. He’s really proud of his car, almost as much as his marred face. My favorite line, though, is about Professor Daniels, who laughs at his own stupid jokes: “Professor Daniels set his cup down to free his hands for embellishing the story.” You can picture him gesturing as he talks.

This is an excellent start to the saga. The author gives you crumbs of information throughout the book. Some of this is foreshadowing, which she executes flawlessly. And some of those crumbs are never explained, leaving you intrigued to read on and discover more.

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Author S. Woffington
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Red Summit Publishers
Publish Date 2017-Feb-15
ISBN 9781944650001
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Issue May 2017
Category Tweens


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