Epic Animal Journeys: Navigation and migration by air, land and sea

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Epic Animal Journeys follows several different animals on their migration journeys across the Earth. This book covers air, land, and sea migrations, as well as the mysterious happenings of how animals are able to migrate to such specific every year.

This book is jam-packed full of fun facts and information about a plethora of different animals and how, why, and when they migrate. The illustrations are cool but a few real-life pictures of each animal would’ve been more interesting. What I found most fascinating is the great migration of the Serengeti, which is made up of several herbivores, which in turn attracts many carnivores to follow them to get an easy meal of those not strong enough to survive the migration.

If you are curious about migration this book is definitely for you.

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Author Ed Brown
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 72 pages
Publisher Cicada Books
Publish Date 04-Apr-2023
ISBN 9781800660298
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Issue June 2023
Category Children's