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Elliot is the story of a boy who gets adopted. Elliot is a bunny, and his bunny parents do not know how to take care of him. He goes to foster families and eventually gets adopted.

I think the author was trying to say that those things aren’t the boy’s fault and the boy’s parents were trying. The illustrations are gloomy, but not scary. The only color, orange, mostly comes from the boy’s shirt. Each foster family had a pet. Even though the author probably tries to use bunnies and family pets to make it happier, it’s still an upsetting topic.

This book made my entire family sad, for we have gone through similar issues. The social worker in the book reminded me of our social worker. Even though my brother was adopted from foster care eleven years ago, it still made him cry. My mom was mad that at the end everything was great and happy when in reality things don’t magically get perfect. My dad thought that this book’s concept was too serious to make a children’s book about it. I thought that this book was too sad and scary to think about.

In my opinion, this book should only be read when a therapist prescribes it, and it should never leave the therapist’s office.

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Author Julie Pearson, Manon Gauthier, Illustrator
Star Count 1/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Pajama Press
Publish Date 04-Apr-2016
ISBN 9781927485859
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Issue April 2016
Category Children's


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