Eiffel’s Tower for Young People

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Eiffel’s Tower For Young People is an immersive non-fiction book that tells the story of the 1889 world’s fair. The 13 chapters go from the beginning of the Eiffel Tower’s construction to the aftermath of the fair. The first chapter gives an overview of some of the important people there, including Gustave Eiffel himself, Annie Oakley, Thomas Edison, Paul Gaugam, Theo and Vincent Van Gogh, and others. The next chapters go on in an impressive detail about the towers’ construction, the engineering constraints with the elevators, the public verbal attacks from people, workers going on strike, and numerous other events.

Later you ‘ll read about the antics of the fair as it opens to the public. Many exhibits were not open the first day. The American art room was still being prepared, and the tower elevators were still being designed. Overall, the fair was a huge success that celebrated France’s great accomplishments. They were celebrating how they had recently overhauled their government and how they had colonies in other continents.

I loved the in-depth book. It really opened my eyes to how complicated the fair was and how it changed France. I’ve always had a fascination with Paris and France, and now I have read a whole adventure about it. The fair was so large and crowded that it resembled a small community to me. I love the amount of history poured into the book and how well it was adapted for kids. Readers should know that it is a larger book to read. I would recommend this amazing book for kids 12 and up, especially if they are interested in the history of the tower.

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Author Jill Jonnes
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher Triangle Square
Publish Date 2019-05-28
ISBN 9781609809171
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Issue October 2019
Category Young Adult


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