Eat, Leo! Eat!

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Every Sunday, Leo and his family go to his grandma’s house. Grandma always makes noodles, but Leo doesn’t want to eat. One day, Grandma starts telling Leo a story about how the noodles came to be shaped like they were. The first Sunday, the noodles were shaped like stars. So Grandma told a story about a boy who was walking to his grandmother’s house at night and he wished there were stars. Each week Leo’s grandma told him more of the story. By the end Leo was running to the dinner table because he wanted to hear the rest of the story, and he ended up liking his grandma’s noodles.

Leo is a lot like me, because most of the time I’m served stuff that I don’t want to eat. It would be weird though if my mom told me a story about it. I liked the story Leo’s grandmother told him about the noodles, and I liked seeing the pictures of the animals in the story. It was also fun to see the different noodle shapes and learn what they were called and why they were called that. Maybe if I had those noodles I would like to eat them.

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Author Caroline Adderson, Josee Bisaillon, Illustrator
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Kids Can Press
Publish Date 01-May-2015
ISBN 9781771380133
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Issue May 2015
Category Children's


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