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In the story Dragonfruit, ancient tales speak of the seadragon’s egg, known as dragonfruit, possessing the power to undo a person’s greatest sorrow. whether it be an unwanted marriage or an unpaid debt, the dragonfruit promises to make everything bad disappear. However, the legends also carry a warning : every wish comes at a price. Hanalei of Tamarind, the cherished daughter of an old island family, is forced into exile when her father steals a seadragon egg meant for an ill princess. In the years that follow, Hanalei finds comfort in studying the majestic seadragons, until one day an encounter with a female dragon offers her a chance to return home and right a terrible wrong. Meanwhile, Sam, the last remaining prince of Tamarind’s matriarchal society, is left with two choices: to marry or to find a cure for the sickness plaguing his mother. When Hanalei, his childhood companion, returns from exile, she brings with her a glimmer of hope.

This captivating fantasy novel by talented author, Makiia Lucier, immerses readers in a richly-imagined world, where the search for the powerful dragonfruit pits characters against enemies both near and far. As Hanalei and Sam navigate their individual quests, they must also confront the dangers posed by the dragonfruit itself, leading to an exciting exploration of the consequences of wielding such powerful magic. Teenage and young adult fans of epic fantasy and intricate world-building will love this novel.

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Author Makiia Lucier
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher HarperCollins
Publish Date 09-Apr-2024
ISBN 9780358272106
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Issue June 2024
Category Young Adult