Dory Fantasmagory

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This book is about a six-year-old who acts like a baby. Her name is Dory, but everyone calls her ‘Rascal’. Her older brother and sister are really annoyed by her, because they think she acts like a baby. She has a really imaginative mind. She imagines that she has a friend, Mary, and she also imagines that she has a fairy godmother. But she really wants to play with her brother and sister. There is a made-up witch called Mrs. Gobblegrackle, so Dory’s fairy godmother turns her into a puppy so the witch won’t get her. Now Dory acts like a puppy, and all she says is ‘woof’! But Dory has to find a way to not act like a baby anymore so her brother and sister will play with her.

This book is kind of like a comic book – it has comic bubbles – but it also has words that explain what is happening. It is easy to read with a lot of fun pictures. The story is funny. Dory is a little annoying, and her older sister and brother are sometimes rude (sometimes Dory is too), but it is fun to read about her adventures and her great imagination.

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Author Abby Hanlon
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 160 pages
Publisher Dial
Publish Date 09-Oct-2014
ISBN 9780803740884
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Issue January 2015
Category Early Reader


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