Dodos Are Not Extinct

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At the beginning of Dodos are Not Extinct, a dodo bird tries to tell me that they aren’t gone, and other animals aren’t gone either! I hadn’t heard of a dodo bird before reading this book, and I didn’t know about the other animals that are maybe extinct in this book either, besides dinosaurs. After learning about them, they are pretty cool animals. The dodo bird told me that they are still around but just hiding; I find it hard to believe that dinosaurs are hiding around us or dressed up like people, but it’s fun to imagine!
I liked the book because I learned something new about animals; I like learning new things about them when I can. I liked the pictures in the book – they are colorful and make me laugh! I will pay more attention now when I’m outside to see if I can find any new animals in hiding.

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Author Paddy Donnelly
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Yeehoo Press
Publish Date 08-Feb-2022
ISBN 9781953458209
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Issue February 2022
Category Children's