Doc McStuffins Cuddle Me, Lambie

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Doc and her toy lamb, Lambie, celebrate International Cuddle Day. They wake up very excited as Dad is making pancakes in the kitchen. Little brother Donny joins wanting to help, and Dad let him add the flour. When Donny plops the bag back to the table, a cloud of flour covers Lambie. Dad makes the pancakes and leaves with Donny. Doc and Lambie start the celebration, but as all toy animals get in line for a cuddle, Lambie sneezes. The sneezing goes on and on, and Doc gives her a doctor’s visit. She finds out that Lambie has flour all over her fluffy wool – it’s called flour-tosis – and cannot cuddle with anyone until Dad comes back home and washes her. She tries to play with the toy animals anyways, but everyone protests as they want real cuddles. When Lambie confesses that cuddles are not going to happen, everyone is really upset. They do not want to put off the celebration, but Lambie does not want to pass the flour-tosis to her friends. The day seems ruined, but soon Dad gets home, washes Lambie, and she is healed. Then it’s cuddle time for everyone.

This book was nice, but not as nice as I expected. The story was quite boring, and the toy animals were not too funny or impressive.

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Author Disney Book Group • Disney Storybook Art Team, Illustrator
Star Count 2/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher Disney Press
Publish Date 15-Dec-2015
ISBN 9781484714201
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Issue January 2016
Category Children's


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